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“Back Beauty” Back Facial Onsite CE Class

We are so excited about our upcoming CE Class “Back Beauty” Back Facial. I am so excited to bring this service to you.

Why Spa Services?

Spa services are a wonderful addition to any massage practice. Not only are they a break from the routine, but they are also a great source of income, easy on the hands, and they are FUN! Seasonal services give a variety to your clients. This summer treatment will help your client’s neglected skin found on the back, preparing them for the summer.


Join us on March 15 at 2:00 PM for this 3-hour Continuing Education Course. Enroll here!!

Check out our Video about your next CE Class!

What all will you get?

We don’t want you to just leave with just a black and white printout in from class. You will get

  • A fully color and bound book with the class lesson, which includes step-by-step instructions on how to perform the service.
  • A color Recipe card for easy access to setup and steps to perform the service
  • A dry brush for your own personal use or to use in your practice.
  • Access to Marketing Material worth over $500.

What all will you learn?

We don’t want you to just learn the service. You are going to learn everything that goes into the service including:

  • Product Information
  • Product Benefits
  • Benefits of Dry Brushing
  • Application of Dry Brushing
  • Contraindications
  • Marketing Information
  • And Much More

Upgrade Starter kit

We offer an amazing starter kit just for those in the class, but they are limited to only 5 people! What is in the starter kit? You will receive enough products for 3 “Back Beauty” Back Facial treatments. This upgrade kit is only $20.

Upgrades Media kit

Upgrade your Marketing for only $1.99!!!! You will have lifetime access to these additional marketing materials for your “Back Beauty” Back Facial. AND you will receive periodic updates with new marketing material.

Are you ready to enroll? Sign up here! Class is only $99 for 3 CE Hours.