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I don’t understand the different massage programs at Texas Massage Academy, can you explain them to me?

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At Texas Massage Academy, we offer 3 different massage programs for you to choose from, we have the Core Program, the Advanced Core Program, and the Elite Mastery Program.  Let me break it down for you so that you know what to expect with each one.

First, let’s look at the classroom and lab hours.

All of our massage programs require the exact same hours for the class and lab.  Your first semester will include 250 hours split between the class and lab and then your third semester will return to the class and lab for the final 200 hours.

Now let’s look at the Internship hours.

Internship is your second semester.  You will either complete 50, 120, or 225 hours depending upon the massage program you pick.

In the Core Program, you are only going to be completing 50 hours.  This is the state minimum required to get licensed.  In the real world, 50 hours is not much, it could be completed easily in a month if you were working 5 hrs a day 3 days a week.

Because we felt that 50 hours does not fully prepare you for the real world, we added an additional 70 hours to your internship for the Advanced Core Program. These additional hours allow you to really develop your hand skills under the umbrella of being a student here at Texas Massage Academy instead of learning with real clients once you are licensed and they expect you to have a higher skill set.

The Elite Mastery Program has you complete 225 hours of internship. You will graduate with 4 times the hand skills of someone completing the Core Program and almost double for those that completed the Advanced Core Program. This gives you the chance to graduate with Hand skills that are equal to those that have had months of experience as a professional therapist.

Internship hours are counted as actual hands-on time with clients.

Fees – The confusing part!

Let me break down the costs for you.

First Books and Supply Costs – All three massage programs require the same books and supplies.  You will need several books and equipment that can be purchased from Texas Massage Academy or at other retailers.  If purchased from Texas Massage Academy, the first semester supplies are currently running $287.33.  This includes the Trail Guide to the Body Textbook and Workbook and Beck’s Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage Textbook and Workbook. Want a break down of supplies? Check out this link.

You will also need to purchase a uniform, sheets, pens, pencils, highlighters, some type of bag to carry everything, and a few other miscellaneous items.

For your third semester, you will need to purchase a Kinesiology and Pathology Book,  together these two books are a little over $160.00.

A Massage Table is optional, but it can be purchased starting around $350.00.

Tuition – You will pay for only one of the massage programs, not all of them or a combination of them.

If you choose the Core Program your total tuition is $5,550.00.  This must be paid in full at enrollment.

If you choose the Advanced Core Program your total tuition is $3570.00.  You can either pay this tuition all at once or we offer a payment plan for it.  For the payment plan, you will put down a $99.00 deposit and then we will set you up for automatic payments from a debit or credit card for $43.00 per week.  There is no interest charge on this.

If you choose the Elite Mastery Program your total tuition is $475.00. Yes you read that right, only $475. Want to find out more info about why, click here.

I know this can be confusing.  Why are the Advanced Core Program and the Elite Mastery Program cheaper than the Core Program?  We chose to make the Advanced Core Program and Elite Mastery Program to be less than the Core Program because we wanted everyone to be able to leave massage school with amazing hand skills.  With the additional internship hours you will be a better massage therapist, once you are licensed.  In order to encourage everyone to take this massage program, we cut the tuition cost and offer a payment plan.  You are completing the same class and lab hours but you will be completing more internship hours to help develop your hand skills and saving money!  Maybe, you will get that travel table!

Can I pay it off early?  

Of course, you can make additional payments to pay your tuition for the Advanced Core Program or the Elite Mastery Program off early.  There is no charge to make additional/early payments.  If your payments are completed, you will receive your transcript within a week of completing your program. And you will receive your diploma at the Graduation Ceremony. [Most students choose to make additional payments.]


In the fees section, it was mentioned that you will need a uniform.  All of our students wear black scrubs.  You can purchase them at many locations, including Walmart and Amazon. I do recommend going to an actual scrub shop to try on different types to find one that fits you well.

After Graduation

Once you have received your transcript, you will be eligible to take the MBLEx, which is the test approved by the State of Texas.  After you have passed this test, you will then be able to submit your application to the State of Texas Health Department to become licensed.

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I hope that I answered all the questions you might have between the different programs that we offer here at Texas Massage Academy. If you have any additional questions, you can give us a call at 325.646.4272 or just write them in the comments below.