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Program discontinued

I’m sorry we have discontinued the Elite Mastery Program. Everything below this is obsolete.

We are so excited to announce our new program: Elite Mastery Program!

What makes this program so different?

With the Elite Mastery Program, you are going to leave Texas Massage Academy with the best hand skills available!

What will this program cost?

We are so excited to announce that with this program, we have made it where it is affordable for everyone. Are you ready for the cost? I’m excited to tell you! The total tuition is only $475. WHAT?!?! I know you are thinking there is some kind of catch, but believe me, we have this set up where your tuition will be one of the lowest in the state!! How exciting is that?!?!

Our New Program is only $475.  Call us to get more information about our program at 325.646.4272

Are you ready for more info?

Check out our website www.texasmassageacademy.com for more info or you can book a tour by clicking here and we will answer all your questions in person. Don’t see a time on our online booking that works for you, give us a call at 325.646.4272 and our front desk will make sure we find the perfect time for you.

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