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The Mysterious World of Fascia

You may have heard the term fascia thrown around, especially if you’re familiar with bodywork or fitness jargon. But what exactly is fascia? Fascia is simply a type of connective tissue, and it’s actually quite complex; not so much because of what it is, but rather the enormous job that it has within the body. Fascia weaves in and out of every single part of your body, binding muscle fibers and muscle groups (called myofascia), wrapping around bones, nerves, and blood vessels, essentially holding everything in place as it should be. The amazing thing about it, is that fascia is strong yet flexible, in the sense that it acts as a mild shock absorber for the structures it encompasses, and is constantly changing length and shape to accommodate the necessary movements of all these structures. So, with this intricate work, what happens if something goes wrong?

Instructors Field Trip to Body Worlds Exhibit

TMA Instructors run away!!! (Field trip to Body Worlds Exhibit in Austin, Texas)   On Monday, July 20th, the Texas Massage Academy instructors all ran away to Austin for the day.  A couple of months ago, while teaching an A&P…