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It’s Okay If You Didn’t Shave

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Let’s face it, getting a massage takes a lot of vulnerability. You are letting your therapist see parts of your body that you don’t allow most people to see. Your stretch marks, scars, cellulite, and birthmarks are exposed and you’re trusting us to respect your boundaries and treat you with the utmost honor and respect.

While some people have an unlimited supply of self-confidence that allows them to feel comfortable in most any situation, some put themselves under a microscope critiquing every inch of their body. We often forget that each mark is a memory or a lesson. Your stretch marks may mark an incredible journey of the time you welcomed a child into the world, the time you chose a healthier lifestyle and released extra pounds you had, or the time that you decided to enjoy life and be happy with who you were instead of obsessively counting calories or limiting yourself. Your scars may be from an accident that taught you how precious life was, or the time you refused to listen to your mom when you were 5 and learned a valuable life lesson. Your cellulite shows that your skin isn’t absolutely perfect, just like all those people using photo shop and filters to fool the world. Your birthmarks show you live, that you are uniquely made and there is no other like you. But there’s another common concern a lot of clients have, particularly women.

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Picture this: You’ve been waiting for this day for quite some time…an hour of relaxation away from the stress of daily life. Nothing can stop your excitement. You are finally taking time for you and putting yourself first, even if just for an hour. You rush into your appointment. Traffic was bad, and while you planned to be early, life happened and early didn’t. You greet your therapist, catch up for a minute, then begin to get ready for the hour you look forward to each month. You’re getting ready to get on the table when you suddenly realize you forgot to shave this morning. You had so much on your mind getting the kids ready while they’re fighting like it’s their day job, rushing to get dinner in the crockpot before heading out the door, and thinking of all the things you had to do today. You search everywhere for a quick solution as if you would find a razor paired with shaving cream and a nice tub. You panic. What will my therapist think? Your mind races…”I always make sure I’m massage ready. Maybe I should cancel so they don’t think I’m barbaric. I’m a walking hazard ready to prick at the first touch. Is it too late to reschedule? Great, now the whole massage I’m going to have to make jokes about how I was aiming to help them exfoliate with my leg hair, or how I made a movement called no shave January. What will they think of me?”

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Now while this scenario may be very extreme, let’s face it, some of you at some point have been in this boat. But I want to tell you a little secret…your massage therapist doesn’t care if you shaved or not! They know you live busy lives and have more to worry about than making sure you shave right before your appointment. They know that realistically you’re lucky if you have time to shave, and that your time is very limited. When they massage you, they aren’t thinking in their head about how horrible of a person you are because you failed to shave, they’re thinking about how you’re exhausted from your on-the-go schedule. They aren’t thinking you are lazy, they are noticing that you are more tense in your shoulders than normal. They notice that you’re favoring one arm over the other. You shaving your legs is the last thing on your massage therapist’s mind. Don’t allow your fear of their opinion about your leg hair take away from that special time you take for yourself. They know that you live, and you not shaving shows that you give so much of yourself for everyone else that you don’t take much time for yourself. Plus, a lot of massage clients are men with hairy legs, arms, and backs. If that doesn’t bother your massage therapist, your prickly legs sure won’t either. I promise!

Kick back, relax, and enjoy your massage. Let us take care of you. This is your time! Enjoy it!

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