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Month: April 2020

Quarantine Tip #3

Are you ready for Fancy’s Quarantine Tip #3? Click here to get it. 🙂

Quarantine Tip #2

Are you ready for Tip #2? Today’s tip is to get outside! Super simple right! I know I feel like I have been cooped up in the house for too long now, how about you? Take a few minutes to…

Quarantine Tip #1

Are you stuck at home because of the quarantine? I’ve got some tips to help you through these crazy times.

So, you are interested in Texas Massage Academy. Check out our virtual tour below!

Many of our students enrolled at Texas Massage Academy come from all over the Central Texas Area.  We offer evening classes so that students can easily drive into town after work. We believe that there is more to massage, so…

What is this I hear about only paying $475 to go to massage school?

Yes we are crazy! The total tuition is $475! Find out some more info here!