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WARNING!! Why Your Friends Don’t Want You to Go to Massage School

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Massage therapy is a booming industry, with more and more people looking for relief from pain and stress. If you’re thinking of becoming a massage therapist, you’re likely wondering if it’s the right decision. And while there are many benefits to becoming a massage therapist, your friends may not be so keen on the idea – here’s why.

They are going to fall in love with your massages

When you become a massage therapist, you’re providing a valuable service that can help people feel better both physically and emotionally. Your friends will love the relief your massages provide, and they’ll quickly become addicted to your touch.

They will become addicted to your massage

While you are in massage school, you are going to want someone to practice with at home. You will have sooooo many volunteers for a free massage, but the problem with this is that they are going to love the new skills that you have acquired and are going to want more and more massages from you, and then once you are licensed…

They will spend all of their money

This is truly the real reason your friends don’t want you to go to massage school because they know that once you are licensed, they will be giving you all of their money.

You can’t make money as an LMT!(Opens in a new browser tab)

So if you’re considering a career in massage therapy, go for it! Your friends will be happy you did. And who knows – you may even find yourself with a few regular clients who are eager to spend all their money on massages from you!

All in all, there are many reasons why your friends don’t want you to go to a massage school – but there are also many reasons why you should go ahead and do it! If you are interested in enrolling, check out our website!