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Are you ready to change your future?

You are interested in enrolling in our upcoming class but still have questions. Get all of them answered here.

Onsite Lab Schedule

I know you are so excited to get started with your hand skills and the next portion of your program. So here are our upcoming Lab Sections. Pick the session that works better for your schedule.You will NOT be onsite…

So, you are interested in Texas Massage Academy. Check out our virtual tour below!

Many of our students enrolled at Texas Massage Academy come from all over the Central Texas Area.  We offer evening classes so that students can easily drive into town after work. We believe that there is more to massage, so…

What do I need for class?

Class is starting and you are curious of what things you need for class. Check them out there.

The Benefits of Learning Massage Therapy Online

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Massage Massage Tips

Massage Therapy Science: How it Works on the Body

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Licensed Massage Therapist in 12 Months: Become One Now!

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